How to Use Community

Spouse Annuities

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PaANNUITY.COM provides Pennsylvania attorneys with Medicaid Qualifying Annuities to help their clients qualify for Medicaid.  We work with Pennsylvania attorneys to provide annuities that conform to Federal and State Medicaid laws and regulations.


PaANNUITY.COM has the knowledge and experience to guide you and your clients in the right direction.  Matthew Parker, the President of the company is a Certified Elder Law Attorney*.  He specializes in helping his clients obtain Medicaid benefits for long-term care.  He was the attorney for the community spouse in James v. Richman, the case that serves as the precedent for the use of community spouse Medicaid Qualifying Annuities in Pennsylvania. 

If you are a Pennsylvania Elder Law or Estate Planning attorney whose clients may be able to benefit from the purchase of a Medicaid Qualifying Annuity, PaANNUITY.COM is your trusted source.



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